Education4 Ways Drama Classes Help to Set Your Child Up for Success

November 4, 2019

One question that parents in Singapore often ask themselves is: “What kinds of classes would help my child be more successful in school and in life?”. The easy way out is to look at concrete subjects like English, Math or Mother Tongue.

After all, in primary school and even some preschools, the emphasis seems to be on learning to read, write and count – which are fundamental skills. However, there are several soft skills which may not be explicitly tested but are equally important, not just in an academic setting, but in life. A drama class covers all these bases and more.

Parents in Singapore who are looking for a fun, engaging enrichment class for their children need to look no further than a drama class, sometimes referred to as a speech and drama class.

Drama classes improve oral communication

Oral communication is a vital life skill. We communicate orally every single day, speaking with friends, family, colleagues and service providers. People who are excellent communicators, who are able to explain themselves effectively and put their opinions across assuredly, are those who will shine in the workplace and in personal relationships.

As a parent, you must be all too familiar with handling your children’s tantrums and meltdowns. Did you know that these tantrums are often caused by young children being unable to express their emotions, as well as feeling unheard? They lack the words to explain how they feel, and sometimes even the confidence to get the message across.

Drama classes, such as ACA Kids by MindChamps, help to expand children’s vocabulary and equip them with the words they need to express themselves. After attending such speech and drama classes, you may soon find that your children are more successful at using a wider range of words to describe objects and feelings, and to craft more complex and interesting sentences!

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Drama classes build self-confidence

Many of us have cautious or hesitant children who are reluctant to have any attention shined on them, and shy away from putting themselves under the spotlight. Therefore, an environment where they are expected to perform and be watched by others could be terrifying.

However, an experienced drama teacher will be trained to know how to coax such children to grow their confidence in leaps and bounds. They are able to include and gently encourage children to take part in sessions, starting with baby steps and in low-stress situations. As the children’s self-confidence grows, they will feel more comfortable in expressing their ideas to their peers.

Drama classes teach children how to speak clearly, loudly and effectively while making eye contact. It equips them with the ability to stand up confidently and make themselves heard successfully. It helps with developing close, secure interpersonal relationships and expressing themselves. After all, a strong self-esteem is a child’s “armour against the world”.

Drama classes help children build closer friendships

Perhaps one of the most underrated parts of learning any new skill is making friends and meeting like-minded people. As your children mingle with new friends of similar ages, they may find that the smaller class size compared to a playgroup, and a vibrant activity-based curriculum, will mean that everyone can get involved without pressure.

Furthermore, participating in a drama class ensures that your children will get used to working in small groups. This can be excellent for children who find it a little harder to fit in or who need a little social help.

A good drama teacher would successfully encourage the students to be receptive and warm towards everyone’s ideas and teach them to appreciate the diversity and creativity in one another. This is a skill that will serve them well in a global world.

Drama classes encourage creative and logical thinking

By exploring imaginary characters, developing their own storylines, and creating movements to suit, children exercise their creative muscles. When they understand how a character should react according to their situation, they apply logic and understanding.

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In short, drama classes can benefit any child, stretching them and teaching them skills that they can carry through life and be put to use in many areas.

Drama stretches their creativity and self-expression as well as nourishes the imagination, a vital soft skill that can even help with envisioning goals and dreams, and how to achieve them. Drama classes teach children to ‘think outside the box’, which is a great skill that will set them up for success in their future endeavours.

Written by Danielle Hee


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