Preschool Diaries3 Reasons Why MindChamps Provides the Best Childcare in the Bukit Panjang Area

May 14, 2018

Are you looking for a childcare in Bukit Panjang? Check out the best preschool in the area located at Junction 10. 

Located next to Bukit Panjang LRT, MindChamps PreSchool @ Junction 10 has a convenient location that attracts many families living around the Choa Chu Kang, Yew Tee, Bukit Batok and Upper Bukit Timah area.

The centre is easily accessed via a covered car park, which makes it convenient for drop-offs and pick-ups. For parents that live further away or lack time to send their Champs to school, school bus services are also available.

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However, their convenient location is not the only reason why they provide the best childcare in the area. Here are some notable highlights of the centre:

Safe facilities allow the children to have fun and learn

bukit panjang childcare

This Bukit Panjang kindergarten is well-equipped with various facilities for the Champs to play and have fun. As playtime is essential for a child’s growth, one of the highlights of the curriculum is the NeuroMooves™ programme which is conducted in a spacious and colourful padded gym to ensure their safety.

Through MindChamps’ NeuroMooves programme, children improve their gross motor skills through coordinated, cross-lateral movements. Activities such as jumping from one hula hoop to another and walking on balance beams help in their balance.

As you make your way into this Bukit Panjang childcare, you’ll see walls adorned with colourful shapes, letters and phrases to facilitate unconscious absorption of material by the children. There is also a separate playground where they can run about. Exercise is essential for growing toddlers to work off their boundless energy as well improve their coordination skills.

bukit panjang childcare

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Champs have many opportunities to go on excursions

The Bukit Panjang childcare centre is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young children and one way they carry this out is by letting the Champs see the world through excursions.

The teachers have brought the Champs on learning journeys to places such as farms and cafes. They visited Urban Farm and Barn to explore the different ways of growing food in a city. The community garden was an eye-opener for many of them who were used to urbanised living. The kids also had the opportunity to bring home a pot of their own vegetables and herbs after getting hands-on in the planting process.

The Champs also visited a nearby cafe and with the help of the supervisor there, got to tour the cafe and was introduced to the roles of the different staff members. Following the visit, the Champs and their teachers set up their own “cafe” where the Champs were taught related words like glove, waiter and menu. This activity was a great opportunity to introduce new vocabulary to the kids.

This Bukit Panjang childcare places a strong emphasis on parent-teacher relationships

This kindergarten at Bukit Panjang is also committed to forming good relationships with parents. For Mother’s Days, the mums were invited to the centre to participate in a cookie-making session and the children also created cards and other mementoes. Similarly, for Father’s Day, dads were invited to the kindergarten to have fun in the gym with their kids. Champs also made cards and presented their dads with gifts.

Teachers also communicate regularly with parents to ensure they are kept informed about their kids’ progress in school. Indeed, it takes great effort and dedication from the staff and teachers at MindChamps PreSchool @ Junction 10 to create a fun and positive learning environment for all the Champs as they make progress in their early learning journey.

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Want to see for yourself how MindChamps PreSchool @ Junction 10 makes the best choice for childcare in Bukit Panjang?

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