NewsHong Leong Foundation makes a difference to the lives of 60neighbourhood school students

September 16, 2008


Mr David Chiem and Mrs Carmee Lim with the students


16 September 2008, Singapore – Today, the Hong Leong Foundation launched an unique education project – the Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship – aimed at providing 60 underprivileged neighbourhood school students with innovative learning tools to fully equip them for the upcoming Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) next year. The Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship will benefit these specially selected students from this year’s Primary Five cohort chosen from 16 primary schools islandwide. The students will receive an intensive 13 months of training at leading mind development institute MindChamps. The scholarships are worth a total of $500,000.






The Hong Leong Foundation hopes the programmes will equip students with a set of creative tools and mindset to enable them to maximise their academic potential at this early but critical juncture in their academic careers.  “Hong Leong Foundation believes in developing the full potential of our young. Preparing them at an early stage can go a long way in giving them a headstart in life,” a spokesman for the Foundation said. This programme seeks to provide hardworking needy students a chance to do well in their PSLE and to give them confidence to face further tests in their future studies. “It meets an important objective of the Hong Leong Foundation, that of promoting education in Singapore,” the spokesman said. The selected students will undergo MindChamps’ scientifically validated programmes; these programmes will train them in the art of learning how to learn and the development of their


champion mindset. ‘At MindChamps, we believe that it is not about what you learn, but how you learn that makes the difference. We also believe in nurturing children to develop a


champion mindset – a mindset that will give these students a competitive edge at scho


ol and later in life,’ said MindChamps Founder, Chairman, and Group CEO David Chiem.


Once the 60 students are equipped with the learning techniques and champion mindset, they will be trained to apply what they have learnt directly to their curriculum; in the subjects of English, Maths and Science. The scholarship also ‘extends’ to the students’ par


ents; MindChamps believes that as leaders of the ‘home nation’, parents play an important role in providing the optimum home environment for their children. They will attend several workshops on parenting and learning techniques to reinforce what their children will be learning, in the home.



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