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March 14, 2019

What do teachers and movie directors have in common?

Are there lessons to be learnt from directing academy award-winning actors like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Geoffrey Rush, and how would that apply to classroom teaching?

In today’s classrooms, it is no longer about teaching facts. Teachers have to engage with their students and bring the content to life!

Just as a great movie director breathes life into a script to engage the audience, so too do great teachers breathe life into the curriculum to engage their students.

As MindChamps Founder CEO David Chiem has always said “Education is theatre”, who better to explain the art of engagement to our teachers than award-winning Hollywood director, Dr Scott Hicks.

Theatre in Education: MindChamps Teachers’ Training with Scott Hicks

On 8 March 2019, over 700 MindChamps PreSchool teachers had the opportunity to experience firsthand a world’s first training session conducted by Dr Scott Hicks.

Having directed many Hollywood movies including Shine (nominated for seven Academy Awards), No Reservations and The Lucky One, and worked with the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ethan Hawke and Zac Efron, Dr Hicks’ mastery of narrative and his creative abilities are acknowledged internationally.

mindchamps teachers

During the training session, Dr Hicks shared valuable insights gained from a lifetime of creative endeavours and innovation in the theatre world, and how these can be applied to a preschool teacher’s role in curriculum design, classroom engagement and teaching techniques.

To inspire our teachers to bring their lessons to life, Dr Hicks emphasised that their role goes far beyond teaching facts in the classroom and outlined why the cookie-cutter education is no longer applicable in today’s world. Through examples and a panel discussion with Mr David Chiem, the teachers gained perspectives on how to see things from the Champs’ perspectives and how this relates to the enquiry learning approach that is used in all MindChamps PreSchool centres.

mindchamps teachers

What our teachers had to say about the session:

“Just like what Dr Scott Hicks told us a while ago, we need to keep things balanced. Being a teacher in the classroom is not about being strict with the Champs or telling them what to do – instead, teachers need to “lower ourselves” to understand their capabilities and ensure that what we are offering is in tune to their needs.”

 – Richelle Andrade, MindChamps PreSchool @ The Fort (Philippines)

“The training session which focuses on how theatre influences a preschool teacher’s role really holds a dear place in my heart. During my learning journey back in school while growing up, I experienced firsthand how theatre helped to build up my confidence and self-esteem. As an educator now, I am inspired to give the Champs the same experience that I went through and to bring out the best in them.”

 – Siti Maizurah, MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon (Singapore)

“Education and theatre are a part of our lives, as they promote learning and creative thinking. As a teacher, it is important that we nurture the Champs in the best way possible according to their needs and personalities. With MindChamps’ 3-Mind education model and the 10 values, I believe we can lead the Champs on the right path in their journey of growth and learning.”

– Liu Jihong, MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village (Singapore)

“From the training session I learnt that our classroom is the stage and we, as teachers, are the directors. As directors, we need more than a good working knowledge of the curriculum – it is also important to manage our emotions as this will reflect the energy of the Champs. I believe that a good teacher is one who shows a good example and leads the Champs in the right manner to teach them important skills  and nurture the Champion Mindset in them.”

– Chai Xiaoli, MindChamps PreSchool @ Changi Terminal 3 (Singapore)

Written by Justina Goh

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