Preschool Diaries4 Amazing Perks of Enrolling Your Child in a Country Club Preschool in Singapore

March 4, 2019

Selecting the perfect preschool for your child can be a difficult decision when faced with the dizzying array of choices in Singapore.

Many parents are looking for preschools with a little something extra; a little something special that can tilt the balance in its favour. On that note, have you considered enrolling your child into a preschool that sits within a country club?

Here are some amazing perks your children can enjoy in a country club preschool in Singapore.

#1. The preschool can use the country club’s facilities

One of the main benefits of a preschool being located within a country club is the use of extensive facilities. From swimming pools to tennis courts and of course well-equipped playgrounds, most country clubs have much to offer to preschoolers looking to get in loads of outdoor playtime.

preschool singapore
The children’s pool at Raffles Town Club which comes with an awesome slide!

Access to the swimming pools at Raffles Town Club is certainly a huge draw for children who attend preschool at MindChamps Raffles Town Club. The little ones enjoy splashing about in the wading pool, while the older children cannot get enough of the water slide on the children’s pool. Under the warm morning sun and their teachers’ watchful eyes, children at MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club enjoy their cooling outdoor water play sessions once a week.

preschool singapore
The sheltered outdoor playground at MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol brings on the smiles in our preschoolers.

Playgrounds are always a massive hit with kids of all ages, and MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol Northshore is particularly blessed with a fully-equipped sheltered playground with multiple structures within its premises at the Marina Country Club. Complete with tunnel slides, wooden bridges, and a little treehouse, there is not a child in Singapore who can resist this inviting play space!

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#2. After-school enrichment classes are made convenient at country club preschools

preschool singapore
Kids at MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club are all ready for their after-school tennis lesson!

Needless to say, when a preschool is lucky enough to be situated inside a town club, they have additional access to extra after-school sporting enrichment classes such as swimming and/or tennis.

This is very convenient, especially for working parents. Instead of taking time off and rushing down from work to pick up your kids in the afternoon to get them to an external class or burning precious weekend family time, your children’s teachers can just take them on a short stroll to the pool or the tennis courts for their lessons. These lessons are usually arranged by the preschool with an external vendor and are conducted by trained coaches who are experienced with working with kids.

For example, while MindChamps Raffles Town Club enjoys the use of the country club’s tennis courts for morning play, parents also have the option to sign up their child for after-school tennis lessons. Let your child perfect his backhand and swing during tennis lessons with professional coaches who know how to coax the best performance out of your little ones.

#3. Access for children at country club preschools to experience nature

Many parents love nature and want their children to be close to nature, even in school. For this, some preschools that are located within a country club that boasts of expansive natural landscapes and facilities provide the perfect setting for children to learn and experience the world around them.

One great example is MindChamps Punggol, which is situated at the Marina Country Club which overlooks the picturesque tropical north-eastern coastline. As the preschoolers play and enjoy their lessons outdoors, they get to enjoy views of the nearby shipyard to watch yachts and boats sail by.

The club also comes with fishing and prawning ponds and a park connector with nature trails for the children at MindChamps Punggol to explore the environment and be immersed in beautiful greenery and natural play spaces.

#4. Country clubs in Singapore are prime locations for preschools

Whether you are a country club member or not, enrolling your child at a preschool on the premises would make perfect sense in terms of convenience. Apart from the easily accessible location, you would also be able to enjoy the use of the club’s facilities such as the cafes and eateries while waiting to pick your child up from school.

MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club is handily located at a major junction between Stevens Road and Dunearn Road, near the heart of Orchard Road. Parents who live around the Bukit Timah area or who have older children studying in schools nearby will find the location very convenient. MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol, on the other hand, is situated along the riverfront by the Marina Country Club. This location is ideal especially as Punggol is an extremely popular residential area with young families.

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Written by JoBeth Williams


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