PreschoolWhat No One Tells You About Reading the Right Way

September 25, 2015

What Reading is Not

Reading is not about reading aloud nor is it about memorising sounds using phonics methods and decoding letters and words. Rather, it is about engaging with and actively understanding the concepts formed by the written text to activate your child’s thinking processes.

How to Deepen Comprehension

By thinking through the narrative (the idea’s expressed by the author), the child’s emotions and intellect are engaged, deepening comprehension of what is read – what we call at MindChamps, Immersive Reading for Active Understanding.

Once the foundation for reading is established, the ability to write well naturally follows. Both reading and writing are critical requirements for your child’s success at school in any subject.
Survey show that 87% of adults do not truly enjoy reading.
In the world of the information revolution, the minds of our children are inundated from birth, by interactive multi-media. Now, more than ever, we need a new and more effective approach to reading and writing, because if reading and writing is not a ‘love’ established in the early years, it will be extremely difficult to build that love in later years – especially when reading and writing becomes more demanding, and the competing demands of the electronic media increase.

“The early years lay the foundation for life-long, enthusiastic readership – and during those early years, ‘process’ is everything. Learning is about building positive and effective habits, and with regard to reading, there is no better time to establish those habits than in the pre-school years.”
– Mr Brian Caswell, Dean of Research and Program Development, MindChamps.

In order to build a child’s love for reading and writing, we must first develop the engagement and enjoyment of the process. Research shows that young children who develop a ‘LOVE FOR STORIES’ by the age of seven become active and skilled readers and writers FOR LIFE!”

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