NewsYOG Silver Medalist RAINER NG appointed as MindChamps’ Youth Fellow

February 24, 2011


Rainer Ng (centre) with David Chiem, MindChamps Founder & Group CEO and Mrs Carmee Lim, MindChamps Mentor Principal


Rainer was accorded this honour as testament of his Champion Mindset and in recognition of his outstanding achievement at the Singapore Youth Olympics Games 2010 where he received the silver medal in the 50 metre backstroke. Rainer is a graduate of the MindChamps Youth Athlete 3-Mind Academic Program, a joint initiative of MindChamps and the Singapore Sports Council, specially designed for youth athletes in training for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. The program provides these athletes with world-class study techniques and the Champion Mindset to excel both in Sports and Studies. Rainer says, “MindChamps has given me the courage and determination to break through the negative barriers and beliefs that I have formed over the years. The study techniques I learnt have taught me how to break down and summarise information, making it easier to digest. It has also taught me how to analyse and

train smart during my swimming training. I have truly enjoyed every single step of my journey with MindChamps!” With this appointment, Rainer joins two other inspirational individuals as MindChamps Youth Fellows – Singaporean Jeremy Lim and Indonesian Bambang Reguna (Bams).



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